Cossack radioThe radio station "Cossack Radio" provides effective information diffusion in the three regions of the People's Republic of Lugansk: the city and the area of Lugansk, the city and the area of Stakhanov, and the city and area of Rovenky. We are listened to by 78% of our Republic, and in the rest of the case, the territory of our radio station is continuing to expand. We provide diffusion services for both small and large topics and for organizations. NCNThe TV channel "New Channel of Novorossiya" covers all the variety of spiritual, social and political life of Stakhanov and of its area. The program is addressed to all groups of age, without restriction. Our channel covers the latest news of the city and of the region, and it also informs about the most important events in the world. In addition, New Channel of Novorossiya offers you information entertainment programs, documentaries, children’s entertainment and broadcasts of classics of the Russian cinema. NCN — TV for the whole family. Cossack HeraldThe social and political weekly newspaper "Cossack Herald" is being issued since November 2014. The newspaper comprehends fresh and up-to-date news, interesting and sharp moments, only reliable information, unique materials and, of course, funny and humorous stories for the younger readers. Its circulation is increasing, and it always goes to meet the wishes of the readers while covering all the new regions of distribution. Our employees create exclusive articles and materials. The purpose of the newspaper is to report truthful information to the readers timely, and to continue the improvement of the quality of the materials.

The independent analytical portal about Novorossiya, Russia, the US and the international politics' situation. On the site you can find material about relevant observations concerning the events taking place in our world. Our team of authors is composed by the academic staff of Southern Russia, professionally engaged in political forecasting.


The media group "Cossack" started its activities in summer 2014. At that difficult time, when the Ukrainian troops were applying massive strikes on the peaceful towns and villages of Donbass, the residents of the Lugansk People's Republic were facing many problems. One of them was the lack information. In order to present the truth to the public and to prevent the spread of false information by the Ukrainian media, the commander of the First Cossack Regiment “Matvei Platov”, Pavel Dremov, decided to set up in the city of Stakhanov (LC) the "Cossack Radio" radio station and the TV channel "New Channel of Novorossiya”. A bit later, in November 2014, appeared the first number of the social and political weekly newspaper "Cossack Messenger."

In spite of the difficult working conditions, our enthusiastic team works daily for the benefit of ordinary people. Daily reports from the front, a reasoned refutation of fake news from the Ukrainian side, as well as exclusive reports and relevant information: this is how the products of the "Cossack" media group have earned the trust and the love of their readers, listeners and viewers. At the moment, the main focus of the group is to promote the patriotic ideas of right-wing conservative orientation, Orthodoxy and the look at Donbass People's Republic, at Russia and at the world through this prism, besides a summary of the Cossacks phenomenon.

Briefly about us
Our founder was a man of justice

The Cossack media group, which includes the "Cossack radio", the newspaper "Cossack Messenger" and the TV channel "New Channel of Novorossiya", was founded by the commander of the Sixth separate motorized infantry Cossack regiment “Matvei Platov". His name was Pavel Leonidovich Dremov. He founded a military group in the hot summer of 2014 — to be exact, in August of that year, when we, like the rest of Donbass, lived and worked in harsh and life-threatening conditions. After the tragic death of our founder in December 2015, it was decided not to close the group and to continue his cause. At the moment, our media group is in active development, and every day our team is doing everything possible in order to perpetuate the memory of this remarkable man, of his actions and his invaluable contribution to the creation and the development of the Luhansk People's Republic.

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